Nursery Learning First Aid


Nursery Playtime


We have a morning and afternoon nursery session with 26 children attending each session.


Members of Staff:

- Mrs Mackenzie (Class Teacher)

- Mrs Roberts (Teaching Assistant)

- Miss Howard (Teaching Assistant)


Nursery Times


Morning nursery is 8.55 a.m. - 11.55 a.m.
Afternoon nursery is session 12.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.
We operate an open registration in the morning and early collection in the afternoon (15 minutes) for parents going to other schools.



Starting Nursery


Parents and children have the opportunity for a home visit in September.
The children visit nursery with a parent / carer for one hour prior to their starting date.
The children's starting dates are staggered to ensure a smooth, calm entry into nursery for all children.
On their first day, the children attend nursery for 2 and 1/2 hours.
On their second day and thereafter the children attend for the 3 hour session.



Learning and development

All the children learn in different ways and at different rates. Children learn when they are actively involved, through play and exploration. We plan and provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities and experiences. For example, stories, early writing skills, sand and water play, construction, play dough and role play.




Home & Nursery, Sharing the Learning Journey

We send home a diary of what we have completed on a regular basis. We also ask you to complete activities at home with your child. However there are many ways to help your child at home.


We encourage all the children to be independent in as many ways as possible. It helps your child greatly if he /she is able,


To go to the toilet by themselves and wipe their own bottom! However we do understand that children have accidents!

To put on their own coat.

To put on their own Wellington boots and shoes. Velcro / buckles on shoes are much easier for the children to manage than laces. The children should be able to manage their own fastenings.
To wipe and blow their nose.


Children begin the 'writing journey' by mark making, then drawing pictures and beginning to write their name. Children should be encouraged to hold a pencil properly with a 'pincer grasp'. Children can also develop a pincer grasp by completing peg jigsaws, threading beads, pegging out washing.

Reading skills first begin to develop by listening to stories. Read to your child as often as possible, children soon begin to retell their favourite stories.

Count with your child, for example, when setting the table, climbing the stairs. Look for numbers in the environment, on road signs and houses. Look for and name shapes and colours.

Talk to your child all the time! Plan special activities such as baking and visits to the park. Also talk during everyday experiences such as sorting the washing.




The nursery has a sweatshirt, cardigan and polo shirt with the nursery logo. This is an optional uniform but most parents do choose this for their children. No other part of a uniform is required or suitable, for example, school trousers or skirt.



Useful Information


Nursery has an everyday fund which is £1.50 per week. This fund pays for various items including a daily snack, play dough and baking ingredients, tissues. This can be paid on a weekly or termly basis.
Please ensure all clothes are named including shoes.
Please check your child's clothes regularly.
Please send a bag with spare clothes for your child to nursery each day.
We operate a 'password' system for when your child is collected by an adult we do not yet know.
When it is your child's birthday, please inform Nursery staff in advance if you which to send in a cake for us to celebrate.





Nursery in Woodland Area


Nursery in Woodland Area